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      Huaibei Yuguang Textile Accessories Co., Ltd
      Today is:
      Cotton card clothing series
      Non-woven carding machine used met
      Cotton and bast fibre spinning car...
      Clothing repair knowledge
      The State Council issued the "Twelfth Five-Year" national [2013-11-18]
      Ministry of Finance: the timely adjustment policies fully [2013-11-18]
      2013 a quarter of the overall increase of the textile mach [2013-11-18]
      Li Keqiang: the EU should properly resolve trade friction [2013-11-18]
      Indonesia will increase global market share of textiles [2013-11-18]
      Jingwei Yuci rotor spinning machine through technical appr [2013-11-18]
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      Add: Kuangshanji Town, Huaibei City, Anhui Province, China
      P.C.: 235047
      Tel: +86-561-4045666,18956155799,13605613236
      Fax: +86-561-4044618
      E-mail: ygfq@ygfq.com
      URL: www.yourtobaccosstore.com
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