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I know the feeling that sense of accomplishment when you create your very own cigarette or light up your own pipe. It gives such satisfaction that normal premade cigarettes never will. You can really appreciate you smoke if you have to work for it to get it. And I don’t mean getting a job and getting paid. But putting some labor into it so you can enjoy a relaxing moment of blissful joy. You have three choices to go with when it comes to smoking manually and not prepackaged. You either roll your cigarette by hand or use a machine or you stuff you pipe with tobacco and then light it up.

Most tobacco smokers are used to get their supply from local stores or tobacco outlets. Well nowadays there’s a much more convenient way for getting your smokes prepared. You can purchase you tobacco online. In most cases these are way cheaper than your favorite boutique or local store. In case you are worried about the quality then don’t be you will get the same high standards then you would purchase it by hand. There’s no risk involved you can get your favorite brand of tobacco at a low price and if you’re not happy with your order then you can return it to the company who you have bought and they will refund you money.

So why should you opt for rolling your own tobacco then buying it already made? Well first of all it’s a good conversational starter. There are stories related to smoking which you will never have. A friend of mine who’s a pipe smoker was travelling through Russia and he was just about to leave the country on and airplane when he was stopped at customs. He got his bagged searched and they found his stash. His stash was tobacco but they have mistaken it as hashish. He almost missed his plane because he was trying to explain to them that what he has in his box is not a drug but simply tobacco. It always makes me smile when I think of this story.

Also it’s an excellent conversational starter. At a social gathering you can simply be the one that everybody is looking at if you have a nice pipe. Some people think it’s too old school but it hey if it gets me people around me let it be. Note if you planning to use this little trick then make sure that your tobacco smells nice. People just simply can’t resist trying your pipe or smelling your tobacco. After this the ice is broken and you can continue with any topic that you like.

Another plus is standing out from the crowd everybody is used to cigarettes but having a pipe or a hand rolled cigarettes set you apart from the rest. If you’re looking for a great place to get some tobacco for your favorite smokes then you have just found the right place for it. We have numerous brands at the lowest possible prices online. We even have rare brands that are typical to a certain country. Well if you want to try something new today then browse through our site and pick something out.